The Hello World Post


The beginning is usually hard. I have been thinking about this blog for more than six months. It has been a while since I last started a blog for a specific content or business. Before this, I have never had a blog which capitalized on my SEO and internet marketing experience. But here it is.

The purpose of this blog is to be a resource for Philippine internet marketers who are just starting out. I want to promote interesting businesses. The promotion on this site will be free. I might even have giveaways on social media sites where I promote businesses and internet marketing ventures for a month. The promotions will be a proof of concept, that the things I know and will write about on this site do work.

The way search engine optimization is being practiced is usually with the use of the term “guru,” with an emphasis on the American definition, of an expert, or a leading authority. The word itself is Indian (the sub-continent of India) in origin. I just don’t know which of the Indian languages it came from. But it is also used in the Philippines, where a guru is defined as “teacher.” I have been working on SEO projects for the past five years. I would like to impart the things I have learned through this blog.

So, yes, hello world, and here, have a pie.

Mom and Tina's Banana Nutella Pie


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