Organic ORM and Its Limits


A few years back A friend of mine asked me if I can help him with his online reputation. Around the year 2000 he was suspended from practicing law. When he asked for my help he wanted to know if it was possible to lower the search rank of that web page mentioning his suspension. At the time of our discussion he didn’t have any online presence. He didn’t have a website nor a blog and was not active on Facebook.

I said I can help him with his concern and I quoted a price.

Unfortunately, he turned it down possibly for being a bit pricey. I did inform him afterwards that if he followed a couple of simple steps he can help his online reputation.

The gist of the advice was to be active online. In the past two years since we last met Luis Pangulayan has been very active on Facebook.

A search for his name on Google would show almost the whole first page with references to him and his activities during the past few years. Except for that one suspension Luis has managed a successful organic online reputation management (ORM) campaign.

However there are some things which even ORM cannot overhaul. The first entry on searching for Atty. Pangulayan is a link to the judge’s ruling which lead to his suspension. It is a link to the Supreme Court web page.

The reason it could not be overhauled is the sheer bulk of links and references to that page. At the end of the day, Google puts more weight on credulity of source and the number of times a site has been linked to or accessed. It is not impossible to make the link rank lower. But it would be hard work.


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