What Are Your Hobbies?

Nikon DSLR

A person has to have a life outside of the office or away from the website. This is usually some kind of passion or activity which draws in the person and keeps him from growing crazy about the real world. It is a way to let loose some steam, maybe simmer, cool down, and finally release the tension from work.

In the old days, people collected stamps, train sets, Matchbox cars, pottery, knick knacks, keychains, bag tags, cocktail stirrers, bottles, cans, and others. Most millennials would not know of these things. Nowadays, twentysomethings would be collecting Gundams or 1/32 Model Cars (Supercars like Ferrari or Lamborghini) from gasoline stations.

Take Up a Hobby

Of course, still others totally different hobbies, like taking selfies, posting images on Instagram or Facebook, and food porn. Other more common or trending hobbies include arts and crafts projects, calligraphy, and fountain pen collection.

Which brings us around to the idea that blogging or Instagramming is a hobby. The way people use social media, as well as the amount of time people spend on their cellphone checking Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, sounds a lot like hobbies.

If you are working on your blog, it helps to have a hobby. In a bizarre sort of way, it also helps if your hobby is blogging, or some form of social media related activity like photography or videography. This is not to push the agenda of always being in front of the camera, which veers towards narcissism. Rather, these are hobbies which can be used as tools for brand awareness.

Using a Hobby with Your Blog

One feature of a blog article which should be added to attract attention is the featured image, or a video. In some instances, you can have an image which is vaguely connected to the topic being discussed. To do so with a video is plainly insane and a waste of time creating the video.

When you think about it, almost any hobby can be useful when writing a blog. I once had a client who ran a goat raising blog. It just so happens that I lived in a subdivision where there were many goats grazing in the area. After I told this to my client, we agreed to that I would take some pictures of the goats, and these would be added to the blog. Regular goats grazing and minding their own business. These were candid shots as they did not want to pose for me.

If you like taking pictures with your cell phone, there is no one stopping you from using the images and posting it on your blog. It also solves the problem of copyrights and intellectual property as you own the pictures and you can attribute them to yourself.

Don’t be afraid if the pictures are not in any way related to the topic. Think of it as a haiga. A haiga is basically a haiku with an accompanying image. The image is as easy to explain as a Japanese rock garden. The haiku is harder to explain because it is not just the length of the lines, but also the relationship between the lines of the poem. It is both a riddle, a zen like thought, a statement of a paradox, and is best used to explain that Spring has arrived.

Place the text on the image. You can easily do this with the use of Canva. Then use the image as a featured article. Please do not forget to add the description, caption, the alt-text, as well as the attribution.

If you can’t do a haiga because you can’t write a haiku, then do a meme. It’s much simpler to do a meme.