Back Linking is for Beginners

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Back linking is an SEO method where links are created in other websites pointing to the promoted website. A back link could be part of a profile, or a comment. It could also be a mention in an article or blog post. It could be a link attached to a picture, animated GIF, video, sound bite or any other media.

Backlink Spamming

Because it is relatively easy to do and very effective, it has become an important tool in any SEO toolbox. Because it is very effective, Google has been working on ways to discount the effects of back linking. Google penalizes excessive back links or a too rapid increase in back links. How excessive is “excessive”? Organic backlinks take time and comes in diverse forms, usually through links in social networking sites, microblogging reposts, blog reposts, social bookmarking, etc. However, if there is suddenly a thousand backlinks after only one day of posting, or there is a huge increase in backlinks without any increase in followers or in posts, then this can be attributed to back link spamming. This is what Google de-indexes, and it also penalizes the website. The website might not show any search for a certain period of time.

Entry-level Task

Back linking is usually a task given to new guys. This is a repetitive task which only needs someone to constantly search for sites to add a “do-follow” link. Candidate sites would media, social networking, other Web 2.0 sites, news sites, directories and feeds. If it is possible to put p a link in a comment or profile, that would work fine.

The main problem for back linkers include:

  • The mistaken belief that PPC is better than creating back links. Comparing a PPC campaign to SEO is like comparing apples and oranges. Those are completely different from one another. The only thing in common they share is the need for an SEO compliant website. putting up an SEO campaign does not hurt PC efforts. In addition we masters do want to rank high regardless of PPC.
  • The misconception that back linking IS SEO. The belief that SEO is all about back linking is a limited point of view. You can create organic back links without back linking on your own. With the use of social media and social networking sites there is no reason why followers would not share your links. The only requirement is a link which is worth sharing.

As a relatively simple task left to entry-level personnel, back linking is not clearly spelled out, in terms of what it is, and how it works. The newbies just know that they are doing SEO work. When they leave the company or their employer, they have this idea that they are SEO professionals. This is a grave mistake. They then apply with other companies not knowing anything else but creating back links, without any understanding of the ideas and concepts behind SEO in general, and back linking in particular.

In the end, back linking is just a tool. It is not even a strategy. Nowadays, you keep your backlinks in trickles, and try to get the post listed in social bookmarks, sharing sites, in order to create a credible presence.